Integrative Approaches to Mastering Wellness

Do you feel like you're constantly running around?

Are you looking to regain balance in your life?


I can help you.


My name is Santi Tanikella.

I'm a physician and a life coach.


Using the power of life coaching and the wisdom of mind-body medicine,

I can help you navigate obstacles and achieve emotional wellness. 


Let's work together to create a life that is aligned with your greatest aspirations.


I'm ready to learn more!

Are you ready to surpass your own beliefs about yourself and your abilities?


Are you ready to see a whole different side of yourself?


Are you ready to free yourself of self-doubt?


If so, welcome home.

Welcome to this place of curiosity, compassion, and non-judgment.

Thorough this work, you will see yourself and your world differently.


You will be transformed.


Still not sure? 

Find out if you are living a life that is aligned with your priorities.

I will send you a mini worksheet to dive in.

I'm ready to find out!