Integrative Approaches to Mastering Wellness

 My name is Santi Tanikella.

I'm a physician and a life coach.


I help individuals who are wired and tired break free from the chains of overwhelm so they can enjoy the life they worked so hard to create. 


I use life coaching and  mind-body therapies in an evidence-based way to help individuals navigate obstacles and reignite meaning and purpose in their lives. 


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My methods

We offer several pathways to help you on your journey to wellness and transformation:

Life Coaching

Overcome the self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and disempowered through our One-on-One and Group Coaching programs.


Mind-Body Therapies

It is possible to bring feelings of peace into your daily life. Reduce stress and discover the wisdom that meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, and biofeedback have to offer.

Distance Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy healing that has been shown to improve mood, decrease pain, and improve quality of life. Sessions are generally very relaxing, so if you're tired and wired, this is for you. 

 Let's work together to create a life in which you can...

see beauty, even in the darkness

feel peace amidst the storm

allow yourself to be supported

grow beyond what you thought was possible

love and appreciate every aspect of yourself, including the parts that you want to hate

live aligned with the most authentic version of yourself

break through glass ceilings... even the ones created within yourself


It is possible.

Join me on this amazing journey.


I'm ready for transformation!