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This YouTube Channel is dedicated to helping you see yourself and your life with new eyes. Get ready to up-level yourself with tools and techniques that can help you navigate all the amazing (and sometimes not-so-amazing) things life has to offer!

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Physician Burnout

As of 2022, 63% of physicians were experiencing burnout.
Burnout can affect one's personal health and wellbeing. There's also a trickle-down effect which can wreak havoc on their family and friends.
Burnout is real.
Healing from it is possible.
I have dedicated my whole life to helping others learn to live better.
I co-authored the book, "Thriving After Burnout: A Compilation of Real Stories by Female Physicians."
This book is for anyone who suffers from burnout. While written by women, the themes apply to any gender, and any background. This book can help people from all levels of training.
This book will change lives. This book will save lives. Please share this resource widely.
Special thanks to Dr. Sharon McLaughlin for guiding this beautiful offering and bringing this amazing community of physicians together. 


Book: "Thriving After Burnout"

Meditation and Mind-Body Therapies with Santi Tanikella, MD

In this candid conversation with Dr. Cazier, Dr. Dinsmore, and Dr. Morrison, Dr. Tanikella speaks about the profound impact that meditation and mind-body therapies can have on creating a more serene internal environment - even when life gets a little crazy. 

Drive Time Debrief 




Peace, Calm, and Connection

I had the honor of being a guest speaker on Dr. Dena George's "Create an Unstoppable Life" Podcast. Dr. George tasked me with speaking about connection. We talked about creating (and maintaining!) peace and calm as we entered into the holiday season - a time of the year that is undoubtedly fun, but can often be overwhelming. At the end, I offer a guided meditation. 

Create an Unstoppable Life - Peace, Calm, and Connection





Integrative Approaches to Anxiety, Depression, and Neurodiversity with Pediatrician, Dr. Santi Tanikella

I was invited by Dr. Jenny Hobbs to be a guest speaker on her podcast, "Rethink your Rules." We brought light to some of the challenges that parents often face as they navigate raising a child with anxiety, depression, and/or neurodiversity. We also discussed how we can anticipate and overcome these challenges using Integrative approaches (such as mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, and coaching) in conjunction with conventional medicine. 

Rethink your Rules Podcast with guest speaker, Dr. Santi Tanikella





Pediatric Integrative Medicine

Below is a link to the George Washington Integrative Medicine Podcast. I was a guest speaker on this episode, and it was an honor to share my experiences about Pediatrics and Mind-Body Medicine. I hope you enjoy it!

GW Integrative Medicine Podcast - Pediatric Integrative Medicine