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Feb 02, 2023

I had my second child at the end of 2019. I returned to my job in pediatrics after my maternity leave ended in February of 2020, and COVID was labeled a global pandemic at the end of March. 

Like many, I was filled with worry and fear. 

What if something happened to me? What if I brought it home to my family? What if something terrible happened to one of us?

It brought up a sense of fragility. It also helped me to see what a miracle life was, and, though I've always been glad to have the life I have, I was filled with even more gratitude. 

It got me thinking. 

Many people who have had a serious diagnosis - a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, etc - and survived it.... they suddenly view life through a new lens. They suddenly have the strength to make big, sweeping changes in their lives. Their connections with their loved ones grow deeper. They live life more fully. Little things don't seem to bother them as much, because they're able to look beyond them towards the 'big picture.'

But... why do we have to wait until something terrible happens for us to get that "wake up call"? Do we need something like that to happen to suddenly make changes in our lives that will allow us to be happier, healthier, more connected, and more aligned with our greater aspirations?

And the answer is: We don't need to wait for that sudden wake up call to make shifts in our lives.

When it comes to our needs and wants, we often tell ourselves that we'll do it later, or that it's not important right now. Maybe we tell ourselves that we'll wait until ____ happens. In my case, I was planning to build this very business when I retired, when the kids were grown... but my personal aspiration was to help as many people as I could in whatever lifespan I had... who knows how long I will live? ... and so it prompted me to more forward with creation, 20 years before I thought I'd be "ready" to.  

What is it that you want out of life? Whether it's a BIG goal or a little one, what have you been putting off? Who have you been meaning to call or text, and just haven't made the time to? What would it take for you to start working towards that goal?

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