Integrative Approaches to Mastering Wellness

Morbidity and Mortality

Jul 31, 2022

The moment we enter this world, we are destined to pass away from it. 

Not trying to be morbid - but it's true. 

We, in healthcare, see our patients go through illness. Most overcome it. Some don't. 

Some illnesses give us "time." Time to reflect. Time to reevaluate our lives, to adjust, to 'show up' for our lives in the way we wish we always had. Time to nourish the relationships we thought we should have nourished all along. Time to do the things we always wanted to do, but didn't make time for because we thought we had all the time in the world.

The reality is that we enter the world at point A. We leave the world at point Z. Most of us think we're at point J or M or even Q... and that there will be time left to really "LIVE." And so we put life and joy off until there's a 'better' time. Why do we continually deprioritize ourselves in this way? Are there more important, more pressing things to do instead? Like charting? The dishes? What is it that seems to get in the way of you living your life from a place of purpose? From a place of deep love, joy, contentment?

I've watched family, friends, and even patients leave this earth... I don't know what their last thoughts were when they left. Did they feel like they got to do all the things they wanted to do? Did they love deeply? Did they have any regrets?


I realized, and I think more so when COVID began, that my life was quickly passing by. Am I living a life congruent with what I always wanted? If I'm not, how can I do that? Most importantly, can I create a life that I will NEVER have regrets about when it's my time? No matter how suddenly that time pops up? I never want to question whether I gave my kids enough kisses and cuddles. I never want to question whether I nurtured my relationships with my family in the way that I wanted to. I never want to question whether I 'showed up' for this world in a way that enriches it and leaves it even an ounce better than it was when I entered it. 

What are the things that you want for your life? 

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