Integrative Approaches to Mastering Wellness

Your mind is powerful

Sep 23, 2022
The mind is a powerful thing.
There was a study done back in 2016 involving middle school kids in inner-city Baltimore (many of them were low-income minority students) and they looked at the effects of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). What they found was: "MBSR students had significantly lower levels of somatization, depression, negative affect, negative coping, rumination, self-hostility, and post-traumatic symptom severity."
These were kids! Kids with difficult  lives. Their lives weren't changing... but their minds were. Their perception of their lives and their ability to cope with difficult circumstances had improved.
What does this mean for us adults?? It means that we, adults, can do this, too! We can expand our minds to be able to handle stress and negative life circumstances better. We can learn to LIVE the life we already have in a fuller, more satisfying way.
Food for thought.

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